Vitamin injection

Receiving a vitamin injection is a way to deliver nutrients into the body through the muscle or the veins. This is done to boost your health in a way that oral supplements cannot. Vitamin shots are far superior to taking oral supplements since muscle fibers absorb the vitamin in full for an immediate and sustained effect. With a vitamin shot, pure vitamins are delivered to improve your health, skin & mood without having to worry about side effects.

Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin B12 Injection


Most o-f the benefits involved in Vitamin B12 injections have to do with the extra energy you’ll be getting. B12 is vital to keeping your brain, blood cells, and internal organs functioning properly, so it’s no surprise when you start feeling the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency. When you get your Vitamin B12 injection, you may notice that it positively impacts several aspects of your life, including:

  • Increased energy: After your B12 injection, you may notice that your overall energy levels improve. In other words, you may notice that you have more energy than you used to. This is likely because the B12 is helping your blood cells metabolize energy more efficiently. You may find that it’s easier to get yourself out of bed in the morning and you won’t feel quite so tired when you get home from work.
  • Increased metabolism: Patients who receive a Vitamin B12 injection often report weight loss—or, rather, greater ease in losing weight. This is because Vitamin B12 may help you speed up your metabolism. When you have more energy, you use more energy, and when you use more energy, your body uses more fuel (calories).
  • Better sleep: While the fundamental role that Vitamin B12 plays in your sleep cycle isn’t completely understood, what we do know is this: many patients who get Vitamin B12 injections report better sleep at night. This could be because the Vitamin B12 is helping to regulate your cells and their metabolic cycles, and it could be because you use more energy during the day, thus napping less and finding your body more ready for sleep at night. Either way, getting more restful sleep is a great way to keep your energy levels high.
  • Reduced stress: Whether because of a combination of the above benefits, or because of effects of the Vitamin B12 injection itself is unclear, but patients have reported a significant decline in stress after receiving Vitamin B12 injections. Reduced stress can have a wide variety of other positive benefits on your body.
  • Other benefits may include: Increased libido; Aid in proper red blood cell production and cardiovascular health; Help regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and weight; Maintain healthy skin eyes and nails; Reduces symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, asthma, and Alzheimer’s

Vitamin D Injection

Vitamin D is absorbed into the body through both diet and exposure to the sun. Due to busy schedules and more time than ever spent indoors, however, many people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. What makes this nutrient so important is the vital role it plays in helping the human body absorb essential nutrients from food such as calcium, iron, and zinc. People with a vitamin D deficiency are at risk for cardiovascular disease, weakened bones, skeletal deformities, cognitive impairments, asthma, and cancer. Whether you are currently dealing with these conditions or are at risk, proper amounts of vitamin D can help you get back to better health.

Many people don’t know they’re at risk for vitamin D deficiency until they’re already suffering. That’s why collaborating with a trained medical professional is so important. You may not know that you’re experiencing conditions such as poorly functioning kidneys that keep you from absorbing the vitamin D in your diet.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency may include:

  • Getting sick or infected more often
  • Fatigue
  • Painful bones and back
  • Depressed mood
  • Impaired wound healing
  • Hair loss

Gluthathione Shot

Glutathione is a popular and powerful antioxidant that helps increase immune system function, aid the liver in removing heavy metals from the blood, and reduces the effects of aging.

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